‘There is a green hill far away …’*

Franconia is full of green hills. It’s also full of charming small mediaeval towns girdled with tall mediaeval defensive walls.

With the need for defence long gone, this house in Dettelheim has been built on the remnants of a redundant mediaeval watch tower.

*An allusion to the popular English Victorian hymnThere is a green hill far away/Without a city wall

7 thoughts on “‘There is a green hill far away …’*”

  1. Have you noticed how the Germans on the whole don’t go in for that slightly dilapidated, shabby charm so often seen in French and English villages. I was always struck with how extremely well-maintained all the old houses appeared when we were on our various weekend trips around Hesse, Rheiland-Pfalz and Baden-Württemberg.

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    1. Frighteningly well-maintained. The French can overdo the shabbiness a bit, but someone like me, who finds order in anything hard to achieve is definitely out-faced by this über-tidyness

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