Snapshot Saturday: You can never have too many snowdrops

2018. Our earliest snowdrops.

On New Year’s Day, I excitedly posted a photo of the earliest snowdrops of the year, spotted that very morning.  If I’d known that this week’s WordPress Photo Challenge was to be ‘Growth’, I might just have held back.

As it is, I now realise just how special those early hardy little shoots are.  That little patch of snowdrops I showed you was alone, quite alone on a sea of bare earth, creeping ivy and a few shriveled Autumn leaves.

Let’s fast forward maybe four weeks.  This is what the garden and surrounding woodlands will look like after all the hundreds and thousands of local snowdrops have grown, pushing themselves forth through the chilly frozen earth.  Our annual miracle.

February 2017.  All the local snowdrops have arrived.

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12 thoughts on “Snapshot Saturday: You can never have too many snowdrops”

  1. Absolutely right: you can never have too many snowdrops. I was delighted to see a small clump in flower just a day or two into the new year. It won’t be long before that clump becomes a carpet….

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  2. Agree fully…. and those little beauties (was going to write buggers but that’s not nice….) just ONLY grow where THEY WANT. I hardly ever lived in places and with soil they liked. Over every snowdrop I ever found (and gosh, I planted a LOT – and they are very expensive to buy!), I danced with joy and glee. Your garden (parc, land) is spectacular and I marvel at it with every photo you share with us. THANK YOU – you made my Saturday. I – however – could brag with the first daffs here and there in protected corners of my garden, but I won’t (!!!). 🙂

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    1. Daffodils eh? That’s impressive. I didn’t know snowdrops have a difficult reputation. But we’re lucky enough to be tenants on this property where snowdrops run wild. They always make me happy.


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