Supplementary Snapshot Saturday: First snow

The weekly photo challenge posed by WordPress is taking a week off.  I don’t have to.  I thought I’d add to the piles of photos clogging up the internet showing snow.  Snow in the garden, out by the lake, up a mountain, shutting down the motorways, whitening city streets ….

We woke up this morning to bitter cold.  Minus One Celsius.  This will make my American and Canadian readers laugh.  Look at this post from my blogging friend Kerry.  Where she wakes up it’s  -32, and steam is rising from the frozen lake.  She’d better not read this.  Where she is, nobody ventures out, not even – especially not even – the cats.

This is snowy weather British style.  Just a couple of inches.  Just enough to snarl up the transport system and fill the airwaves with ‘Is your journey really necessary?’ type warnings.  It’ll probably be gone tomorrow.



Click on any image to view full size.

PS.  Happy New Year!




30 thoughts on “Supplementary Snapshot Saturday: First snow”

    1. Gosh, you’re quick off the mark! I’ve only just posted this. No, several of these shots were taken indoors, and I didn’t venture far. Looking forward to your next adventure!


  1. I envy your snowfall, however ‘minor’ it might be. It certainly looks easier to cope with than the snow and cold my family and friends have in America. (It’s for the best that we didn’t end up going there for Christmas this year.) Happy new year!


  2. Your British snow is lovely! Actually, we don’t have much more snow than that on the ground here . . . but ours won’t be melting for a long time! I *really* like the photo of the doorway framing the snowy scene!

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  3. Gosh, you live in a BEAUTIFUL place, I love your garden. Your photos made me smile; we had twice a few snowflakes in over 8 years in Devon and I see myself still running outside with my camera to show off to my Swiss family!!! 🙂 That was fun!

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      1. That was just the fun of it…. Imagine how my family laughed when <I proudly presented my 15 snowflakes….. And that was before we could send pics instantly via smartphone etc. It was all « Take a picture / Have it developped on photo / Send it to CH… ». Or the news were related via ‘dial-up’ with that worrying peep and humming tone and you knew that each second was money draining away!!!!

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      2. Haha, the ‘Good old days’ eh, when film was so expensive you had to make about 16 shots last the whole holiday. Your snowflake picture must have been very precious!


  4. Thanks for the smile. Minus one eh? That’s when we Canadians trade in our golf clubs for a hockey stick. The snow does indeed sculpt a vision of pleasure. Happy New Year to you and your family. Keep blogging. Cheers.

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    1. Oh, I had you in mind when I wrote this post. It’s plus eight today. Is winter over? Happy new year to you as well. Haven’t seen a new post from you in a while though … new year’s resolution time?


  5. Your snowy photos are so beautiful and so is your garden! Commenting late as I’ve had a problem yet again with my comments disappearing without trace or going straight to spam. Akismet have sorted it out for me (so they tell me) so here goes….!

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    1. I’ve been meaning to write to you. I’m longing to know how you are settling in. Exciting times. When we come back from Barcelona (again!) I’ll contact you properly. I wonder if you have an email address by now?


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