Snapshot Saturday: The cheeky dragon, cactus and squirrel of Sagunt

This day three weeks ago, I was in Sagunt, near Valencia.  When I wrote about it, I posted not a single photo, but promised you a few later.  You’ll have to wait for the ones celebrating this fine city’s Roman, Moorish, Jewish and Civil War past.  Today, you can see the cheeky dragon who’s roaring from the top of a perfectly ordinary drainpipe fixed to a perfectly ordinary house.

I’ll show you the cheeky cactus growing in the gutter of another perfectly well-appointed house nearby.

And you can see the cheeky red squirrel – so exciting to an English person used only to his pushy grey cousins – who declined to sit still and pose nicely while I fussed around turning on my camera.

This week’s WordPress photo challenge invites us to find cheeky photos.

25 thoughts on “Snapshot Saturday: The cheeky dragon, cactus and squirrel of Sagunt”

  1. Oh Margaret, now I’m really angry… I wrote you a longish reply, then had to sign in, AGAIN, and – of course – in this process lost my whole ‘novel’…. The word in my mind starts with an S and then goes on with another great word HIT!

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    1. You’re having such a bad time. Is it WordPress or your computer that are playing up? If it’s WP, their ‘Happiness Engineers’ (and it sounds as if you need one of them!) are really good and helpful, and write in plain English.


  2. This ‘just’ says to me Three small wonders of the life of an observant, wide-awake woman who sees with not only her eye, but her heart.
    Isn’t it wonderful to lift one’s eyes to a cactus in a gutter, or an elaborate proud dragon crowning a pipe, or make them follow a red squirrel indeed?!
    The cacti in the gutter made me shudder, but I won’t repeat (in my mind) the awful story of trees and plants growing in gutters…. I leave it to your imagination.

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    1. I can imagine, I think. This was such a well-kept house, I think the owner must have accorded the cacti a degree of respect for managing to make a home up there, and decided to leave well alone.


  3. That’s a lot of cheekiness in one place! Our next-door neighbor makes metal sculptures quite like the cheeky dragon–she has one of a cheeky heron (I think) out near the lake–we get to see it every day.

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  4. Beautiful photos. I have sedums growing on the potting shed roof. I might plant some hardy cacti up there now. A good talking point. Thanks for sharing


  5. And why not make a drainpipe arty? Sometimes I think we are a bit po-faced in the UK unless it’s front gardens full of questionable Christmas stuff. Public art is definitely more interesting than it used to be, but the domestic, mmm, think we have a way to go to catch up with Valencia. And, oh how lovely the pic of the red squirrel.

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    1. Questionable Christmas Tat seems to have gone mainstream in Europe too, sadly. And as far as I can see, domestic artwork seems to extend no further than a butterfly attached to the outside wall of a suburban semi. I’ll stick to sightings of red squirrels.


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