Spain again

Hola! Here I am in Spain. No, not on holiday. No, not to see Emily, though I will squeeze in a quick visit to her at the end.

I’m here to learn Spanish – in a fortnight’s intensive learning. Watch this space.

I’ve landed in Alicante, because I can’t fly directly to my destination of Valencia. With an hour and a half to kill before my onward journey, here’s what I did. A quick boat trip round the harbour.

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I'm retired and living in North Yorkshire, where I walk as often as I can, write, volunteer, and travel as often as I can.

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  1. que tengas mucha suerte! What a one you are – not a chance of any moss being gathered. Even a trip round the bay rather than a sit-down. Lovely light. Are you in Valencia yet?

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  2. Lovely place. Spent most summers there from mid 1960s before it boomed. Famous mosaic esplanade stroll, visit to the castle and boat ride to Tabarca were regular activities. Will be fascinated to hear how total immersion works. Is it being taught in a language lab? Hope you enjoy Valencia. Brave, adventurous lady!

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  3. Wow, you’ve got more energy than I…. I firmly planned to leave home and family now in November for a 3-wk stay in Lisbon to learn – enfin – Portuguese….. It hadn’t happened, mainly because I don’t know from one day to the next what will become of me/us in the coming weeks, a fact that wouldn’t bear any importance to my husband but to me it is impossible to plan something so ‘epic’ when I don’t know that everything at home is just fine…. So hurrah to you and much success. You’re a great spirit and I totally envy you 🙂
    In fact, I was toying with the idea of learning Spanish instead of Portuguese because for the 2nd time in one year, our small(ish) choral ensemble is preparing a Spanish programme and I’m absolutely fed up by not knowing how to correctly pronounce, nor ‘what I’m actually singing’. It was always very quickly translated more or less in French but for me with my overwrought brain to handle yet another language and translated in French at the same time as I was trying (and failing often) to note the Spanish pronounciation brought me near to tears of frustration.
    We just today had a day of ‘special attention’ to a series of pieces we prepare for our January concert. Every voice had 90’ of the director’s time – my eyes were watering after our session, I have never seen so much text to squeeze into the relatively few notes. So once you know it all, you may visit me and teach me…. I shall cook nice meals for you and when we’re not working together, we shall discuss books we’ve read, films we love and la vie en générale… 🙂 D’accord?

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    1. Oh definitely. And sing together too, perhaps? I suppose it depends why you had wanted to learn Portuguese really. Spanish is generally more useful I suppose, even without your current need for singing Spanish. But it all depends on you. So far, I’m having fun!


      1. I know everybody tells me that I should rather learn Spanish. I even have cassettes (oh the years back that dates….) for an English-Spanish course from the end of the 20th century. BUT I adore Portugal, its beauties, the gentleness of many of those Portuguese, their slight laid-backness….. Of course, it might never come to anything but I love languages and it wd do me good to have for once 2-3 weeks just to myself instead of always being there for anybody else. Enjoy every minute of your stay. HH and I sang for a full week in Barcelona some years ago. It was their hottest July ever and we both were literally dead after the 10 days we spent there. But such cultural riches, such heated discussions (then as now!) between the Catalans and the Spanish….. plus only one room for the whole group of 50+ musicians and singers with an AC which was broken the first three days …. 🙂


  4. How energetic you are! I would love to get away from home to learn a language (or do anything actually!) but can’t see myself being able to do so for years. Spain; warmth; sunshine; heaven!

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