16 thoughts on “The Hallowe’en deniers”

  1. Love it! Those biscuits look amazing! Halloween is when I most miss our old home, which was in a village. Trick or treating was a big thing – but all within the village and so safe and friendly. We’re too remote now for any small ghostly visitors. But we’ve got a few spooky films to choose between. Mwahahahahaha!!!

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    1. I used to like it in Harrogate. It was the local children who came, and many were American (Menwith Hill was nearby) and they really went to town on it. On the downside, Americans hand out Hershey bars and Reece’s chocolate which my ungrateful daughter and friends would throw away rather than eat. I completely understood why!

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  2. I participated in a Halloween event at my mom’s assisted living center–over 600 children came through in 2.5 hours!! That me happy I was away from home on actual Halloween–enough of this, already! I like your cookies, though!

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