Off to the EU

England, France, Germany

We’re in mainland Europe again, briefly. Our two Labour MEPs for Yorkshire and Humberside host a group visit to the European Parliament every now and then. So we had to sign up. Last chance saloon.

And after a night on the high seas, a day in a coach, here we are. Not in Strasbourg, not even in France, but nearby, in Germany, in the Black Forest. Watch this space.

Approaching the port of Rotterdam at dawn yesterday.

10 thoughts on “Off to the EU

  1. Admittedly it is over 40 years(!) since we were in the Black Forest but I can’t remember an EU Parliament building!! Have a great trip. We’re off to A-V in Thursday.


  2. Oh, you’re such a source of wisdom – I thought it was a typo and asked Hero Husband about your post. He told me all about the difference of MPs and MEPs, so thank you!
    I was at least once in the Black Forest area too….. when I was 6 and 15-18months old. My dad even insisted that my parents bought me Lederhosen for a later age and I’m sporting them on tiny square photos (about 1 1/2 x 1 1/2in) at about 3 years, holding a big cat like a huge toy in front of the ‘Hosenlatz’….. Enjoy your time. I shall follow your doings closely (still haven’t had the time to read your recent trip to your ancestors – and other, dear to my heart, blogs – as I also was abroad = back in home country Switzerland for a choral week and concerts!).
    Bisous from France, once more


  3. Lovely photo of the docks – I do love a few cranes. Hope you have an enjoyable time in the Black Forest maybe you’ll be visiting Freiburg? Interesting cathedral and also a funicular I seem to remember.

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