Off to the EU

We’re in mainland Europe again, briefly. Our two Labour MEPs for Yorkshire and Humberside host a group visit to the European Parliament every now and then. So we had to sign up. Last chance saloon.

And after a night on the high seas, a day in a coach, here we are. Not in Strasbourg, not even in France, but nearby, in Germany, in the Black Forest. Watch this space.

Approaching the port of Rotterdam at dawn yesterday.

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10 thoughts on “Off to the EU”

  1. Admittedly it is over 40 years(!) since we were in the Black Forest but I can’t remember an EU Parliament building!! Have a great trip. We’re off to A-V in Thursday.


  2. Oh, you’re such a source of wisdom – I thought it was a typo and asked Hero Husband about your post. He told me all about the difference of MPs and MEPs, so thank you!
    I was at least once in the Black Forest area too….. when I was 6 and 15-18months old. My dad even insisted that my parents bought me Lederhosen for a later age and I’m sporting them on tiny square photos (about 1 1/2 x 1 1/2in) at about 3 years, holding a big cat like a huge toy in front of the ‘Hosenlatz’….. Enjoy your time. I shall follow your doings closely (still haven’t had the time to read your recent trip to your ancestors – and other, dear to my heart, blogs – as I also was abroad = back in home country Switzerland for a choral week and concerts!).
    Bisous from France, once more


  3. Lovely photo of the docks – I do love a few cranes. Hope you have an enjoyable time in the Black Forest maybe you’ll be visiting Freiburg? Interesting cathedral and also a funicular I seem to remember.

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