Snapshot Saturday: The Sahara Desert comes to south east London

For once, this week’s WordPress Photo Challenge – ‘glow’ – demanded no lateral thinking on my part.  The image that came to me was one that many Brits shared on Tuesday.

Hurricane Ophelia was doing its worst over in Ireland and on England’s west coast.  In London, William and I weren’t feeling even a gentle breeze.  But as morning became afternoon; as afternoon changed into evening then night long before the appointed time, the sky turned sepia, and the sun glowed.

Ophelia was sucking sand from the Sahara and throwing it to the English heavens.  This was the result, at round about half past one in the afternoon:

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20 thoughts on “Snapshot Saturday: The Sahara Desert comes to south east London”

  1. It was quite eerie down here. We got it very early in the morning; there was no sun visible at all but the light was deep yellow. (Probably only the edge of the sand effect for us.) Great picture, Margaret!

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  2. It was very eerie up here in Yorkshire – sepia is definitely the best word to describe it, like old photos.
    Then later on in the afternoon we came out of a shop in town and saw people pointing skywards at a glowing red sun- it was like something out of a sci fi movie!

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      1. We were staying over in the Wolds – didn’t have Malcolm’s dark sky, just a yellowy one and then the red sun!


  3. Perhaps it was just me but our corner of the SE had nothing so dramatic, a beigeish sky at most. As always a fab photo, probably the best of many I’ve seen on the subject.

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    1. Well, that’s high praise indeed. Thank you. A beige sky does sound a little dull, but I’m sure there’ll be a next time when things could be more exciting.


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