Snapshot Saturday: A house on the hill: only a child need apply

If you go walking in Wensleydale: if you go for a walk from Jervaulx to Jervaulx via Thornton Steward, you’ll come across this tree home, at the edge of a field, commanding views over the valley.

It’s pretty much in the middle of nowhere, but I always like to imagine a doting grandfather, tall and rangy from a tough life’s farming and probably reminiscent of the BFG, lovingly creating a little refuge for his grandchild in this hollow tree.

I couldn’t fit in it, neither could you.ย  Perhaps the grandchild is too big now.ย  It’s all a question of scale after all.

This post is in response to this week’s WordPress Challenge: ‘Scale’.


33 thoughts on “Snapshot Saturday: A house on the hill: only a child need apply”

  1. How absolutely enchanting. Perhaps if one could enter in, one might fall down a rabbit hole where matters of scale take on even more dimensions? I love your photos – great response to the challenge.

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