Postcards from Barcelona 2

Barcelona, Spain

How to have a relaxing day of discovery in this most crowded of tourist venues:

1. Stay away from the city centre. Begin your day mooching around a neighbourhood market.

2. Stroll through the university zone and a peaceful park. Visit the serene and beautiful Monasterio de Pedralbes, and spend time in its ancient cloisters.

3. Afterwards, in the nearby well-heeled suburb of Sarrià , find a quiet square to linger over a restorative clara.

4. Later still, mooch round looking for a lunch spot where the locals eat: office workers, the granddad who’s collected his small charges from their hockey game, that sort of thing. Enjoy.

5. Later, much later, meet Emily and Miquel. Another meal, I think. Watch this space. It hasn’t happened yet.

23 thoughts on “Postcards from Barcelona 2

    1. I sort of don’t want to give them the oxygen of publicity. They’re wonderful, and in part because they’re still not overrun.


    1. They were built in the 14th century so maybe Boston looked at Europe. I always find cloisters so restful. I always feel more comfortable when I know the language but the Spanish always give you credit for having a go.

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  1. Ah yes such good tips. The lunch spot looks like a particularly good find. Funnily enough I’ve just bought some serrano ham, obviously not a whole leg!! Your photo reminded me of a snack I had years ago at the Museo del Jamón in Madrid. Hope you have an enjoyable meal with your daughter.

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  2. I love European neighborhood markets! There is nothing like them here in the US. Maybe in the cities – the older parts of a older cities (pre-1900) – but certainly not the suburbs where I live. Europeans know how to shop for food – and the food is amazing. Certainly appears you are enjoying your visit.

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    1. Oh, I dunno. One of my greatest market experiences bar none was Pike Market in Seattle. I’ll never forget the spirited fish vendors or the stunning variety and quality of the fruit and veg. on offer.


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