Snapshot Saturday: Postcards from Barcelona 3

Yesterday, we left Barcelona.  As we walked from our hotel to the metro station down a quiet calle, we noticed these accidental collages: walls whose damaged plaster work revealed the original brick beneath; damaged multi-surfaced walls where graffiti had been added; brick walls juxtaposed with stonework, with decorated tile work, or with handsome brick decoration; a nursery school whose facade had been decorated with a festive collage of coloured streamers and children’s drawings.

They fit, rather loosely it’s true, with this week’s WordPress photo challenge: collage.



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    1. That’s a difficult one, because it’s always busy. Still, get up, get out early, and walk. Much of what we enjoy is to be found in hidden back streets. If you want to see major sites, such as anywhere with Gaudi’s name on it, book ahead. It’ll save endless queuing. But do your research and find things worth seeing not on the main tourist trail, as we did. Google phrases such as ‘Hidden Barcelona’ and you’ll get dozens of ideas. Good luck!


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