Postcards from Barcelona 1

We’ve just snuck over to Barcelona. Just for two and a bit days. Just to see Emily, because the last time we were together was in South Korea last autumn.

This morning was sightseeing. I’ll just show you a single photo of the Hospital de Sant Pau, a truly wonderful complex of modernist buildings, and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. You’ll get the full tour once we’re back home.

This afternoon was hot. No better way to spend it than catching up with Emily over a leisurely lunch sitting in a tree lined square. It’s what the Spanish do best.

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24 thoughts on “Postcards from Barcelona 1”

  1. It makes me crazy that you can sneak over to Spain for a couple days! For me to go anywhere in Europe takes weeks of planning and it’s only worth doing if I stay for a couple weeks. SO glad you were able to go, though, and are enjoying time with your daughter!

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  2. Thanks so much for pointing me towards these posts. Jude’s text and photos are wonderful, and I’ll certainly make a link to her blog when I do my own post on the hospital. I’ve been disappointed in my own photos, so it will be good to let people who want to see much better examples.


  3. I really must make a plan to sneak over to Barcelona too, especially now that it’s a mere 4 hour train ride from Aix! Can’t believe how many places I’ve been to and yet never this wonderful city! Thank you for the inspiration, glad it was a good trip 🙂

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