Spring is springing

ns4I was out for a convalescent constitutional this afternoon: William had passed A Bug onto me last week, and I’ve been a little delicate.  I hadn’t taken my camera with me, only my phone, so these images aren’t the finest.  But I don’t care.  They’re evidence that spring is on the way.  I wish you could hear, as I could, the birds singing as they do only when they too know that short winter days have passed. Yes, spring is springing.

30 thoughts on “Spring is springing”

      1. Wow, down in the South East we have just got buds on daffodils. It’s weird because I usually also see a lot of snowdrops but I haven’t seen any around my daily route!

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  1. Yes I noticed the same. Visited Tyntesfield National Trust near Clevedon today. Trees coming into bud, snowdrops and even the odd crocus in evidence plus birdsong…I said the same to my friend: spring is on the way. Hope you are fully recovered now.

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  2. Amazing! Snowdrops, daffodils, cyclamen, and are those aconites? And what else? (This is a townie speaking….. ). And should we be worried at things in bloom earlier than they used to be, or just thankful?

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    1. Full marks on the nature-table test. No, they’re not early – well, maybe these particular daffs, in a very sheltered spot, but the rest are spot on, or in some cases, later than last year.


  3. And isn’t it a fantastic feeling, to see the daffodils, to know that Spring is just so close now, the nights are drawing out, warmer weather is on the way, soon the fruit trees will be in blossom, it’s exciting. Hope you feel completely better soon.

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  4. Only just got a few snowdrops here and no sign of any daffodils yet. I have seen aconites elsewhere but mine usually appear a good 2 weeks later. We have had a lot of frosts so that might be the reason why all is a little late. I’m glad you are feeling better and your photos of spring springing cheer my heart.

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  5. Oh how lucky you are! We are in the midst of the worse part of winter – barren snowless ground. The snow has been gone since Christmasbut it hasn’t warmed enough for the bulbs to break ground and begin to bloom. You are right, spring will be here soon. Peace and stay well.

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    1. Thank you. Yes, I do feel lucky that Spring begins to show its face as this winter has been gloomy here too – more from rain and general greyness than bitter cold. May you soon share in springtime cheer!


  6. Hooray! I can’t wait for more signs of spring. I saw some snowdrops down in Hampshire last weekend, and there’s been some budding on our ivy. We think there might be bulbs in one of our flower beds as well. My husband says I’m allowed to start reading the Spring (Wildlife Trusts) anthology in a couple of weeks 🙂

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  7. Such beautiful and hopeful signs heralding longer days and some warmer sunshine! Here in the South, of course our days are starting to shorten and although still hot, the light is starting to mellow to autumn golden. I am amazed to see a cyclamen in the garden! I had thought of them as Mediterranean plants (maybe because of the poem “Sicilian Cyclamens” – D.H. Lawrence I think?). Here one can buy them in pots as indoor plants, sporting unnaturally over-sized flowers in toxically bright colours.

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    1. Oh here too! I think that here the cyclamen isn’t native, bur it does well in parkland, where it naturalises and spreads readily. The snowdrop isn’t native either though… it was introduced by the Romans apparently. Early Autumn for you then? Let’s hope I can send you some summery scenes in your darker days!


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