Snapshot Sunday: a resilient spider’s web

Google spiders’ webs and you’ll find any number of scientific articles celebrating the resilience of the silken strands that spiders produce   Not only is the silk stronger than steel, it’s springy and elastic.  The design of the web ensures that even when a strand is broken, the overall formation remains sound.

I found a spider’s web on a recent cold and frosty morning.  By rights such a delicate structure should have collapsed under the weight of its coating of thick icy rime.  It hadn’t.  It’s the perfect candidate for this week’s WordPress photo challenge: resilient.


And here are a few more shots from a cold and frosty morning in North Yorkshire:

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23 thoughts on “Snapshot Sunday: a resilient spider’s web”

  1. Ah, it is that time of the year which tests our resilience – winter. We had a hard frost this morning and had I seen a spider web, it might have been coated like yours. Spider webs are beautiful and I never seem to be able to take a photo which does one justice – to catch the beauty, the strength, and the subtleness of the web. Happy new Year. Peace.

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  2. What an amazing combination of web and ice! I love your frosty landscape pictures too. Usually such landscapes make me think “brrr”, but at home today in South Africa it is 40 degrees outside and 32 degrees indoors, despite the fan on, blinds down, etc, and so the sight of frosty fields is rather refreshing 🙂 Best (and very warm) New Year wishes to you.

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  3. Wow! That is very neat! I’ve never seen a web so encased in ice–it looks like it was woven from rope. All the photos are beautiful–that’s a very special weather phenomenon!

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    1. And sadly, rather uncommon this winter. I love a good frosty spell in winter, but this year, we have to be content with odd days of real cold.


  4. It actually looks like it’s been crocheted. I have never seen one that solid before. We have a long leylandii hedge alongside our garden and in it is often decorated the whole way with frosty webs.

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