What a difference a year makes

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The Horniman Farmers' Market, glimpsed through the gloom.

The Horniman Farmers’ Market, glimpsed through the gloom.

It’s just over a year since I first blogged about the Horniman Museum. Last Saturday we were there again.  It couldn’t have been more different, even though so much was still the same.  William is no longer a cheerful little bundle to be toted about in the arms of a willing aunt or granny.  He’s a running, jumping talking live-wire of curiosity, demanding to be taken to see the ‘dugong’ (yes, really), or the owls, insisting on commentating, as far as he can, on everything he spots.

Last year, after our museum visit, we enjoyed strolling outside in crisp winter sunshine.  This year there was heavy mist, obscuring the views of London.  Instead of strolling round the gardens, or visiting the farmyard creatures, we settled for the small farmers’ market that’s there on Saturdays. horniman-farmersmarket-cheese-event-image There were stalls selling vegetables, and cheeses, or locally cured meats. There was street food. Tom and Sarah bought a goose for Christmas.  We sampled spicy Iranian tit bits.  And best of all, we had an early lunch.  Look at this from the Smeltery.  Tasty, chewy sourdough toast, topped off with melted raclette, bacon, chimichurri and some onion chutney, together with a handful of toasted walnuts.  It’s perfect winter picnic fare.

Buying winter vegetables.

Buying winter vegetables.

But all the same, enough was enough.  Next time, we’ll go when the sun is shining.

26 thoughts on “What a difference a year makes

    1. We did. It was brilliant. And the weather wasn’t half as bad as the pictures made it look. Atmospheric rather than nasty. Happy Christmas – I hope you’ll be with family.

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  1. I agree with you heavy mist/fog doesn’t usually do much for photos, but actually being in it, especially somewhere a little unfamiliar, adds to the drama and experience. Sometimes a bit creepy – makes you think about those London smogs.

    I love the way young children respond to faces. It’s particularly special when they react to animal faces in that enthralled way, like William – great capture.

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  2. I’ve never had raclette and I really want to. We were in Montreal a couple days ago and I saw lots for sale but I don’t really know what to do with it. Your outing looks great–William is at an age I adore!

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  3. Ah, we love the Horniman, not far from us! I knew about the market but now I know they have raclette, I think I might venture there soon. They have a wonderful kitchen garden too; probably a bit drab at this time of year but amazing in the summer for an allotment-geek like me.


  4. I used to live five minutes walk from the Horniman in the very early 80’s. I can’t remember spending much time in the gardens and only visited the museum twice (I think) and I certainly don’t remember the view of London! There was no farmer’s market either but then I was a very different person too! My grandparents lived in Forest Hill in the 60’s but I don’t ever remember going with them to the museum – just the shops!

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