Snapshot Sunday: Advent Anticipation

Here’s our grandson, William.  Each pocket of his advent calendar contains a new decoration for the tree.  We anticipate that by Christmas Day, the tree will be fully dressed.


The WordPress photo challenge this week is ‘anticipation’.  Click here to see more images.

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32 thoughts on “Snapshot Sunday: Advent Anticipation”

  1. Gorgeous photo! And a lovely idea to use tree decorations. My daughter and I made our family advent calendar when she was young: a beautiful patchwork. She has it now for her own boys and usually each day is a note of something they will do/make/visit together that day. I love these family traditions, old and new 🙂

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  2. My only Blue Peter effort for my children 20+ years ago was cutting off top third of 24 plastic drinks bottles (had been saving Canada dry for some time!) and gluing the wide end onto a silver sprayed piece of hardboard. Each bottle was then filled with 3 small sweets (one for each of my 3 children) and was marked 1 to 24. Lids were screwed back on. Board waa fixed up high enough to prevent fiddling! Ugly looking but great fun!

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  3. What a love bug! I think the advent calendar tradition is such a great one and I like that yours provides a gift for all–the ornaments that everyone gets to enjoy. Does William get to hang them on the tree?

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