Parys Mountain


Once, a century ago, Parys Mountain was alive with people: men, women and children hacking deep clefts and canyons into the earth, in search of copper-bearing rock.  Now the area is bleak, desolate, abandoned.  The poisoned sulphurous soil supports little but odd clumps of hardy heather.  Yet this large site, with just a single set of abandoned winding gear, a single ruined mill is strangely beautiful, and we fell under its atmospheric spell.


Alex inspects a man-made crater at Parys Mountain


PS.  This post was written on a borrowed laptop.  As far as my phone goes, I can access my WordPress site, write and illustrate a post, then it tells me I can’t publish, as  I don’t exist.

PPS.  To add insult to injury, the borrowed laptop automatically spellchecked ‘Parys’ to ‘Paris’.  Grrr

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  1. I had that problem when I tried to use the app. on the iPad. It would tell me I had no drafts or scheduled posts when I had plenty. I stopped using it. I went via the web and after a bit, the iPad very thoughtfully placed an icon on my homescreen so I go via that now. Hope you get sorted soon. Can’t have you unhappy!

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