Smartphone virgin

A whole gallery of smartphones. Aaagh.(Wikimedia Commons)
A whole gallery of smartphones. Aaagh.(Wikimedia Commons)

That’s me. Was I the last person in England not to have a smartphone constantly about my person?  No, actually that’s Malcolm, and he’ll never have one.

Once, some years ago, Ellie and Phil gave us each a cast-off iPhone.  We gave them a go, hesitantly and suspiciously, decided they were far, far too difficult, and thrust them in the back of a drawer.  And continued quite happily to use our outmoded mobiles to phone and text – though we often forgot to take them with us as we simply didn’t use them often enough.

Now though it’s different.  This trip to Korea.  Perhaps it would be useful to have some connectivity in order to check travel details, get tourist information, stay in touch with Emily … and even post occasionally on my blog.

Ellie to the rescue again.  She’d got herself a simple back-up smartphone in case her iPhone, which in her case is a business essential, ever let her down.  She decided in the end she didn’t need it, and gave it to me.

This time I was motivated to Get To Grips.  But it was terrifying.  Icons appeared randomly on screen, and just as randomly disappeared again.  I couldn’t even work out how to start a text off.  Various patient people (all young, obviously) sat me down, and kindly and carefully explained – at least twice – what to do.  And then explained again, three days later.

Slowly I made progress, though I wasn’t convinced I’d ever really be able to use it when it really might matter.

But then, on Thursday, I had a breakthrough.  I loaded an app.  All by myself.  It was the WordPress app.  So this week, when we have a holiday with the twins in Anglesey, I’m going to have a go at doing a simple post – a line of text and a photo maybe.  I hope I’ll be fine.  I shall have two eleven year old techies with me after all, and their affectionate if patronising contempt for my inabilities to cope with all this technology knows no bounds.  Who knows?  I may even return from our holiday with a wind-borne tan and feeling really rather tech-savvy.

An unused smartphone. Mine is now lightly-used.
An unused smartphone. Mine is now lightly-used.

15 thoughts on “Smartphone virgin”

  1. What a big girl you are!! My advice is to just play with the phone, explore, push buttons. You’ll need to that with the WordPress app–it has lots of nooks and crannies. And get the TripAdvisor app–it should be very useful on your trip. I’m excited that you’ll be able to post from Korea!

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  2. Margaret – good for you. I’ve had a smartphone for years. I started with a Blackberry and transitioned to an iPhone. I have the WordPress app but I’ve never used it to create a post, until this morning. Challenge accepted. It’s easier than you think, but I limited the text and used two photos I snapped this morning and last night. Perfect for a photo challenge. Keep playing with it – everyday, maybe you could download Pokemon Go and give that a whirl! Have a great day and I look forward to your first mobile post.

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  3. I don’t have a smartphone Margaret. Richard has had one for years and so has my elder daughter. Even Elinor got one a couple of years ago but I have made-do with my old phone which phones and texts, nothing more. To be honest, I haven’t really felt the need for one until recently and I always thought I’d rather spend money on other things. I do feel a little conspicuous these days using my old phone and keep it hidden in my bag! I think I might be getting a smartphone as a present soon so I will be going through what you have written about in this post. I have a touchscreen for the radio and sat-nav in my new car and I have quite a lot of difficulty with that. Good luck with your inaugural post from Anglesey and have a lovely break with the boys.

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