Brian and Betsy

Even though these last few days have left us feeling bleak and helpless, with time passing so quickly, yet so slowly, there have been good moments.  You might expect two dogs to be behind one or two of them.

Here’s Ellie, Phil and the twins’ dog Brian letting off steam with his best friend Betsy. Luckily for them, Betsy’s owners are among Phil and Ellie’s best friends too.  So there are lots of playtimes for these two energetic dogs to look forward to.

Phil is still being cared for at home during his final days.

21 thoughts on “Brian and Betsy”

  1. It’s good to hear from you, I am thinking about you all every day. Animals and children have the knack to bring a smile to your face no matter what the circumstances. Love to your family.


  2. dogs at play are fun to watch…. I remember waiting beside my father’s bed in his final days. I wish I had a dog or two to take me off in another direction. Instead, we ‘watched’ the final round of the 2009 British Open. Peace to all.


  3. It is a strange and other place the final days. Night and day rolled into each other for me with my mother. She loved and always had a dog and her dogs were the last thing she heard me talking about. Wishing you all strength and sympathy.


    1. They’re recent converts to dog ownership (I still prefer being able to give them back, a bit like grandchildren really), but certainly Brian’s unconditional love for them, and love of life has been a big plus.


  4. Hi Margaret. I feel terrible– I left three separate comments on your terribly sad post about Phil . . . and none of them seem to have transmitted. What tough and dreadful times. You must kind of wish you could be a dog and be happy and oblivious in the face of such sorrow . . .


  5. Ah – I just heard the news on Radio 4 – sending you and your family heartfelt condolences on your loss. I hope shared support and comfort helps during this difficult time. Agnes.


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