From Jervaulx to Jervaulx – in the mud


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I first walked from Jervaulx to Jervaulx last April, and wrote about it here.  However, I failed to lead my fellow ramblers along the same route later that month as I’d said I would, because it rained…. and rained.  I’d promised them the walk though, and today was the day: bright, sunny, blustery – a perfect winter hike.  Except for one thing.  Those floods that have dominated British news this winter are still making their presence felt.

The ruins of Jervaulx.
The ruins of Jervaulx.

Our route today didn’t take us through pastureland.  Sheep aren’t very good at being knee-deep in mud. It took us through soggy fields, and past lake after lake after lake: waters that simply were not there last time I took this route.  It was all very pretty.  Less pretty was the scene at stiles.  Look at us skidding and sliding, trying to pick the shallower puddles as we waited out turn to get from one field to another.

We’re British though, always plucky in adversity.  We soldiered on, sometimes a little weary of heaving mud-crusted boots along sticky, sludgy paths.  But nobody fell over, nobody lost their sandwiches in the mud.  Everybody enjoyed those vistas over the Dales, the starkly beautiful skeletal outlines of winter trees, the blue skies, dappled with characterful cloud.  Were we glad to have made the effort?  Well, I was, and I think my steadfast and dependable companions were too.

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14 thoughts on “From Jervaulx to Jervaulx – in the mud”

  1. I read recently that February used to be called Solmonath (mud month). You’re certainly giving those boots a good test – I spent years picking my way around puddles so it’s good to be able to trudge on through now I’ve got a decent pair! Love the snowdrops.


    1. To be honest, I’d never have done it if I hadn’t been leading it, as I’m absolutely of the same persuasion as you. But in the end I enjoyed it …. really.


  2. The fact that you had sun and blue skies saved the day! This walk might’ve been really grim on a dreary day. I hope your weather forecast is for dry weather!


  3. You recommended this walk when we visited last year and it was one of our favourites although I’m pleased to say it was a bit drier. Thanks for bringing back the memories.


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