A post for a fellow-blogger.

I’m at university this week. The University of Blogging. This seat of learning, which has no rector, no library and confers no degrees, runs a programme regularly hosted by WordPress,and aims to bring together people who from all over the world, keen to hone their writing and presentation skills, and to help each other to Write a Better Blog.

Today’s assignment:  
Publish a post you’d like your ideal audience member to read.
I’ve chosen to write for one of you.  We haven’t met. We don’t live on the same continent.  But we’re ‘blogging friends’ who enjoy one another’s posts and often say so. You say you like the posts I write about walking in the Yorkshire Dales.  I like the posts in which you too describe your walks, often more extensive than mine, taking place over several days. You stride beside me – virtually of course – as I tramp along the leaf mould paths of a dappled English woodland.   I stop to gaze across the green and undulating hills  at the lattice work of ancient fields, divided by drystone walls, and share the view with you courtesy of my camera.
Except… I haven’t.  Not lately.  Those floods I wrote about a couple of weeks ago are an ever-present danger to some.  And even for those who haven’t had flooded homes  to contend with, the weekly rhythm has changed.  Walking is quite simply not on.  The other day, fed up with the lack of exercise, I took myself off to walk along country roads instead.  I’d not been going ten minutes when I met a deep trough as wide as the road, as deep as my ankles, and as long as… well, I don’t know.  It went beyond the next bend, anyhow, and I went home.  The fields are home to seagulls who bob about on the choppy waters.  The paths are streams.  The streams are rivers.  And the rivers are seas.
i) Quiz question: which is the path, and which the brook?
ii) This, I’m afraid, is a path.
iii) Brian-from-Bolton simply can’t stand getting his paws muddy.  He’s urging me home – NOW.
But I’m keen to get out and about again as soon as I can.  And I hope you’ll come with me, in a virtual sort of way, when I report back.
Bolton&BrianJan2015 048
A typical field. And not half as bad as some.

14 thoughts on “A post for a fellow-blogger.”

  1. Yuk! And isn’t Brian big. Even our sloping garden has standing water and A21 is closed again just outside Battle. Usually it’s because of accidents, very regular, but it’s been flooded twice in the last 7 days. So far the railway is in tact following it’s total collapse in floods a couple of years ago. I completely sympathise with Brian. Unfortunately Daisy (white) has no such feelings and carries on regardless. Pay back is the bath which she hates!

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    1. Goodness. Well, you didn’t know about the Rochdale Sinkhole. I didn’t know about the Battle A21 Disaster. It’s all gloom and doom, isn’t it? Brian has yet to be bathed…..


  2. We had to do a bit of unplanned scrambling recently to make our way alongside a path running along the bank of the stream that leads to the Jumbles from Turton Bottoms – one of the small bridges has been swept away.


  3. Oh, no! What a mess! I hadn’t really considered how this was cutting into your rambles–that just makes it all so much worse. And I’ve never heard of a dog who didn’t want to get its paws muddy! Is the forecast weather any more promising?

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    1. My daughter’s new posse of dog-walking friends assure her that young (English) dogs tend not to do puddles and mud: but they soon learn – and how!

      Nope. For now the rain continues, to be followed immediately by The Big Freeze.


  4. English dogs don’t tend to do puddles!? Mortimer charges through them, apart from a few favourites that have the best drinking water. And his breaking the ice technique has to be seen to be believed.
    BTW are you still learning Spanish? I’ve discovered Duolingo, which does lots of languages. I’m not sure you could learn from scratch but I’m doing 10 minutes a day of the French and it’s really not bad. Woe betide if you make a typing error though! Oh – it’s free as well 🙂


    1. Ha! Well, Brian seems quite dainty for a dog. And he is still a puppy. Yes, I used Duolingo for a long time, but there came a point when I didn’t find it that useful in helping me access day-to-day living Spanish. I like Coffee Break Spanish these days – they do lots of other languages too: http://radiolingua.com/cbs-step-1/. There is lots of free material available on this siteso don’t be sweet-talked into handing over your cash if you don’t want to.


  5. iIve been using Coffee Break French on and off for a number of years, I may be wrong but I have a feeling I recommended it (well the Spanish version with the awful song!) to you…


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