A welcome to William.


We went to London yesterday.  We didn’t visit Tate Modern or take a trip on the London Eye.  We didn’t look at the Tower of London or visit the Wren Churches, or wander round Spitalfields, or Petticoat Lane market. We had no interest in galleries, palaces, parks, museums, shops or going for a meal

We went straight to the home of my son and daughter-in-law, Tom and Sarah, and we arrived shortly after Sarah’s parents, Brian and Sue.  They hadn’t been sight-seeing either.

All any of us wanted to do was to play ‘Pass the Parcel’.  All day.  Because we had a very special parcel indeed.  This one.



Meet William Francis, born a whole fortnight early, last Tuesday.  We grandparents all raced to London the first moment we could, and spent the whole day quite simply passing him round….. and round.  You may disagree if you’ve had babies of your own, but to us, he’s the very best baby in the world.

There have been other ‘best babies’ of course.  Those twins, Alex and Ben, born 10 years ago fitted the bill then.  Sarah and Tom’s nephew Lucas claimed the title five years ago.  But this is William’s moment.  Here he is, all 7 lb. 2 oz. of him, being passed from granny to grandma, back to Sarah to be fed, to grandad,and step-grandad then back to Sarah to be fed again.  Through all of this, he slept contentedly, only waking occasionally to stare fixedly at whoever was cuddling him at the time…. or to demand yet another feed.  We thought it was a pretty fine way to pass a summer Sunday.

18 thoughts on “A welcome to William.

  1. He’s a little cracker Margaret. I love that stare that they do, and the way their little fingers grasp yours.
    It sounds like the perfect weekend to me. x


  2. Time to get crocheting! Or knitting or something! That baby will need lots of blankets and toys and little outfits! He’s adorable–you must be over the moon!


    1. We are. But he’ll have an awful long wait before he gets anything knitted from me. Crochet now. Perhaps I could polish my skills there…..


  3. Félicitations à tout le monde & bienvenu dans ce monde merveilleux … PS : c’est mieux écrit en Français 😘


  4. Congratulations – sounds like you had the best vacation from anyone I know! Have fun spoiling the new addition to your family – very handsome indeed!!!


  5. Oh how wonderful! I know how pleased and excited our parents were when our children were born – everyone loves a baby (almost everyone), but not every one appreciates a 12 or 17 year old – which is what I have now. My W is a William, too, William Clayton.

    William, enjoy your time in the limelight. Margaret – enjoy the time as a doting grandma. Congratulations!


    1. It’s true that teenagers have their moments…. but then they grow up and produce children in their turn. And grown up children are just as good as infant ones – just different. Good name, William, eh?


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