What a difference three hours make……


Since we Yorkshire folk are from the Pennines rather than the Pyrenees, we’re inclined to make more of a fuss about steeply climbing roads.  The main road from Thirsk to Helmsley is the notorious A70 via Sutton Bank, and no sooner have you left Thirsk than the warnings start:

  • 25% gradient ahead.
  • This way for the alternative route for caravans.
  • Last year, 74 HGVs marooned themselves on the slopes… and so on, and so on.

Certainly, it is a dizzying climb, with the patchwork fields of the Vale of York laid out far below.  Then suddenly, you’re at the top.  You’d have to be in a real hurry not to park and get out for a while to enjoy the view, as we did twice today, once on the way out, and once on the way back.  It’s winter now – not long to the shortest day – so these sunset scenes  were taken at just after 3.00 p.m., a mere three hours after we’d climbed upwards, only shortly before midday.

Eeh bah gum, it were grand.

10 thoughts on “What a difference three hours make……

  1. This is a spot that I bet looks fabulous in any light! Those twilight photos are gorgeous–almost helps make up for the fact that twilight is coming at such an awful hour!


      1. Sunset, right now, is at about 4:15 so, no, not quite as bad. But bad enough–and even the daylight hours are tending to be pretty gray . . .


  2. I’d love to be at the top during bad weather – I bet the rain sweeps across and is very dramatic. So if you could arrange to be there next time a storm is predicted with your camera Margaret…


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