Wales and its Amazing Technicolour Housing

I’m used to brick houses.  And stone houses.  And even houses whose facades have been rendered and painted, as our home in Laroque was.  But house paints generally come in a very limited palette.  White, of course, and a range of neutral or earthy tones such as ochre.  That’s what I thought until I went to Wales, anyway.  Now I know differently.  Come on a very quick tour with me to see what colour you could paint your home. Click on an image to see it full size: I’m only sorry not to have included an example of my own particular favourite: crushed raspberry.

House with matching car.  Note also the purple house next door..
House with matching car. Note also the purple house next door..

16 thoughts on “Wales and its Amazing Technicolour Housing”

    1. You have no idea. I’ll swear that some towns had promoted competition among the citizens to come up with ever more different ideas. And where they got the paint from I’ll never know.


  1. Aren’t they wonderful. I love painted houses. Try Suffolk or New England and Iceland when you’re feeling the need to travel further afield


  2. I was going to mention Suffolk too (where I was born and brought up). It’s full of the local ‘Suffolk Pink’ cottages many with a thatched roof.


  3. Hi Margaret! I’m just back from two weeks away and am getting caught up on your holiday–it looks superb! The walks you describe in Wales make me think of ones we’ve gone on in Cornwall, that relentless up and down . . . but always a pub at the end! Are you one of the people in the water in that one photo? Yikes! These Welsh homes look so joyful–makes me want to go buy some paint!


  4. I think it must be a reaction to all that grey granite. Co-ordination is my middle name but car & house? Really? As for colours you really can’t beat the Caribbean islands.


  5. our home is sided and painted, but nothing as colorful as those… bright and cheerful.. I hope the folks who live there match the surroundings…. and it was a bright sunny day. Cheers – here’s to the weekend!


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