What to do next?

One of the views from our walk last Thursday.  In the distance, the ruined castle of Lagarde.  In the far distance, the Pyrenees.
One of the views from our walk last Thursday. In the distance, the ruined castle of Lagarde. In the far distance, the Pyrenees.

It’s come at last.  The week we move back to Yorkshire.  On Saturday we did ‘The Long Goodbye VI’.  This time next week, we’ll have been back in England almost three days.

So that’s it for ‘Life in Laroque’.  Maybe one more post.  Maybe not.

So what do I do about it?  Shut up shop and start again?  Or simply change the title and keep writing?  I don’t know how things will change for me once I get back to Yorkshire.  I’m fairly sure I’ll want to keep on writing a blog.  I’ve enjoyed the discipline of getting memories recorded.  I’ve loved having feedback from friends.  At first, these friends were people I’ve shared part of my life with, people I’ve worked with or spent time with socially.  Increasingly, they’re cyber-friends: people who take the trouble to comment, criticise, offer suggestions and memories of their own, and whose blogs interest me.

Yesterday, though, Malcolm made a suggestion, remembering the exhibition I’d had a hand in organising here, comparing the Ariège with Yorkshire.  Why not change the title of my blog to ‘From the Pyrenees to the Pennines’?  That’s what we’re going to be doing after all : exchanging one set of hills for another.  For quite a while, having been away so long, I expect to be something of a foreigner in my own country, and this might be reflected in what I choose to write about.  Or not.  I just don’t know.

I’m sure I’ll lose some of you, dear readers.  Perhaps your interest is in France, specifically this part of France.  But I’d love it if some of you choose to continue the journey with me, as we settle back to life in the UK and travel further afield from time to time.  We’re bound to come back to the Ariège too.  There are favourite people to see, favourite places to visit, and  new places still to discover.

So ……. new blog?  Continue with this blog under a new name?  What do you think?   I’d love to hear from you, especially if you’re one of those bloggers with whom I have cyber-conversations.  Thanks for coming with me this far.  I’ve enjoyed your company.

The Yorkshire Dales.  They're not bad either, are they?
The Yorkshire Dales. They’re not bad either, are they?


29 thoughts on “What to do next?”

  1. I love the new name and I’ll certainly be reading and keeping tabs on you both. It will be odd in A-V knowing you,re not down the road anymore. On the other hand you’ll be up the road (albeit a bit further) from us in East Sussex. And I’m still making a monthly trip to Bradford.


  2. I like Mal’s idea too. Hope you do keep writing – I’m seriously impressed how diligent you’ve been at keeping your blog current (unlike me 🙂 ) and even if I only find time to comment infrequently these days I do always read your posts. And it’ll be interesting to keep up with life in another country! x


    1. Thanks. I’d love it if your blog-rate increased, but as long as you continue writing to me I shan’t complain. Seriously having difficulty waving everything ‘Goodbye’ 😦 x


  3. dear M&M – like “from the Pyrennees to the Pennines”, will be following your blog wherever you might go – with interest, pleasure and with one eye laughing and the other one crying – stay safe, until soon, a good hug, annaxxx


  4. Best of luck to Malcolm and you in this new stage in life and blog – writing. I’m sure you ‘ll keep on writing and taking superb photos, and I’ll keep on reading and enjoying your posts. Whichever title you’ll choose will be fine !
    Have a safe trip home ! Thank you ever so much for everything you have allowed us to share with you !


    1. And thank you for your encouragement. We’ve learnt so much from you and your colleagues about the history of the area,and our time here has been so much richer because of it.


  5. I liked this blog so much I went back and read the previous one, so yes, my interest is tucked up somewhere in all your belongings.
    Something else to take with you: Ariege News.
    Don’t know if you read it hard copy or online (or know about it) but the other day there was one article that made me think of you immediately:
    Yes, it’s all in French but somewhere on the site you can sign up for a daily email with all the news, even lots of small town stuff….they’re currently covering all the election filings, who’s running agan, who’s retiring (some of the mayors have been on the job for decades and decades–I love trivia like that), what their slogan is and so on.
    And if you search for Randonnee, you’ll find other listings.
    This one is “Randonnée en vallée de Lesponne” and some nice photos (which help me remember places I’ve been–and in the future may do so for you, also).

    The man from the blog Pyrenees Adventue is living in the UK now and I enjoy those posts as well (then he returns to Ariege for work and play).
    I check in on kalba’s site, and am glad to read here that’s she’s just busy..some bloggers stop and I hope they’re ok and keep them in my Blogs Foreign French and check occasionally, hoping to read something new. With kalba, I just figured she was busy making people happy, as she wanted to do.
    Perhaps Margaret, you could suggest the new owners have an obligation to start their own blog, carrying on the tradition that is now part of the house?
    Safe journey, a gladsome arrival and many years of pleasure found in the new/old home.


    1. Thank you. Yes, I read the Ariege news and had seen that article. So many walks, I don’t think you could ever run out of them. Our buyer is French and professes himself interested in local history, so we’ll see. Thanks so much for your interest: perhaps you’ll continue to visit from time to time once we’ve retuned to England. We’ll be back here for sure!


  6. I am glad you will continue to blog – I will enjoy seeing your pictures and reading your articles and now learning about jolly ole England! Blessings as you move and get settled in your new home.


      1. I am sure. We just moved two rooms around and I am ready for a month long vacation!! 😉 I am always finding out I am not as young as I like to think I am!! lol


  7. I think I’m following the trend – keep the blog but change the banner! And rest easy (or uneasy!) I will continue to cyber-stalk you. Yes, I started reading your blog because you were in France but you write such interesting articles accompanied by beautiful photographs that I will stay faithful. Good luck with the move!


    1. Thank you! I live in hope that we’ll meet one day. I enjoy your posts too, and am in awe of your achievements with your house. Currently, we are beyond exhausted 😦


  8. Margaret, Please do continue! Malcolm’s suggestion is a good one. I would enjoy reading about your adventures in Yorkshire too. For many of us who aren’t from there, it’s just as much an exotic destination as Ariege. I would love to see photos too. And of course, I would look forward to reading about Ariege when you visit your friends there from time to time. Look forward to reading more!


  9. Hi Mal, Margaret, welcome home, I will miss your blogs from Life in Laroque but I am looking forward to your new blogs (well thought out Mal) and good luck and love to you both on your return.


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