The story of a wood delivery, in pictures

And all to feed our wood-burning stove this winter.

26 thoughts on “The story of a wood delivery, in pictures”

  1. Just curious: do you measure your wood in cords?

    This reminds me that I too need to sort out wood for the winter. But now I’m having painful flashbacks to stacking an entire cord by myself. This year it’s being stored much closer to the house, also! Quite impressed with your wood shed 🙂


    1. No, England,measures in ‘standards’, ‘cords’ don’t sound familiar. Here, it’s a ‘stere’ – a cubic metre, with a ‘pile’ (French accent, please) being 4 of same. Oooh, I feel your pain: woodstacking’s hard. Ours has to go through the front, through the garage, then the kitchen, then the garden, to the shed. Which is falling down and not impressive at all. Cropped photo is all.


  2. You have no idea how green Andrew is – and yes he is very admiring of the home made trolley. He has now gone to get his moisture meter to check the state of our wood pile.


  3. Sorry – had to take a phone call & Andrew published before I’d finished! Anyway I was going to say that we’ve always bought wood in cords & haven’t heard of standards…


  4. That is very good stacking. I throw in rather than stack. My excuse is that I have to split before I throw and so stacking neatly is beyond me at that point. We had our first fire on Sunday as it was a bit chilly. The weather has improved since though. How did you find out you needed the mayor’s approval? It’s this sort of knowledge that impresses me about the ex-pat.


    1. We didn’t really need it. But we have rather difficult neighbours and thought it best to cover all bases. In England now for a week or two, and finding it lovely…. but chilly in the morning


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