Gentians for a May morning

GentiansRoquefixadeApril24th2013 047

May Day here in France is the day when the French like to offer lilies of the valley. It’s been so cold and wet these last few days that ours in the garden are still tightly in bud. But the other day, we did see gentians.  Turning their vivid blue faces to the sun, they were marching up the sunny sides of the slope at Roquefixade.   I’d like to share some with you.

13 thoughts on “Gentians for a May morning”

  1. thank you Margaret, some lilies of the valley are on their way ….wishing you a sunny day, until Friday, love, AnnA


  2. Such pretty flowers. I don’t think we have those around here. We might have variations but nothing like those. I’m still waiting for the lilacs to show up. They are the most delicious-smelling flowers!


    1. They’re not so much pretty as vibrant, a real feisty flower I always associated with the Alps till I came here. Lilac is in glorious bloom here, but I’m just off to England for a week or two, where it won’t be the same story.


  3. Yesterday we went to the Pech dolomies above Montgaillard which it is called “La balade du Pech” on the FFRP’s book. We saw gentians, orchis and fritillaires! The rock escarpments are glacial constriction and very impressive! In the garden lilac and iris are magnificent. See you tomorrow!


    1. Oh, I love that walk! But I’ve never seen fritillaries in France – only in my garden in England. I’m so sad that because we’re going to England, we shall miss the lilac and wisteria here, and they won’t be out over there yet.
      A demain!


  4. They are such an intense blue aren’t they? And no you won’t find the lilacs out in UK – we’ve barely got the daffodils. Apparently yellow gentians are used in the production of Suze. Who knew?


    1. Have you tasted Suze? I think it’s ‘orrible. Waste of perfectly lovely gentians! So we’ll see daffodils? That’ll make my year. I’m looking forward to an English May


  5. May Day here, this year, was eve of poll so the only walking I did was pounding the pavements. I love gentians in the wild but find them impossible to place in the garden, and hard to grow anywhere but a sink.


    1. Well, that’s a novel thought! Well done for growing them ANYwhere. I haven’t managed to find your results but you sound quite chipper, so I hope all is well for you


  6. ………….that blue, that green, almost like on the alps in CH when we went for weekends, climbing … far away, almost 50 years – but the memories keep going, thanks Margaret!


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