Six weeks: a souvenir

Dear reader, perhaps you are feeling quite short-changed.  You subscribe to a blog called ‘Life in Laroque’, and for the last 6 weeks or so, have had nothing but news from England: Yorkshire, to be exact.

Well, we’re back in Laroque, where in our absence they’ve had bitter cold, driving rain lasting for days, and astonishing heatwaves in which the thermometer has topped 40 degrees.

But just before we abandon postings about England, here is a souvenir slideshow of our time there.  It’s a reminder for me really, so if dear reader, you decide to skip it on this occasion, I quite understand.

Normal service will be resumed in my next post.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

10 thoughts on “Six weeks: a souvenir”

  1. fabulous photos and great to hear the news…please do visit me if you are in the area – would love to see you both again. I am on the hunt for a cake made of fruit & vegetables without any sugar (or the nearest thing you can get to no sugar) and I am sure you can help here. I have seen the usual carrot or courgette or chocolate/beetroot combo but can you improve on those I wonder? I am a cake lover but would love to find one that you can eat without feeling too guilty! Great to see Emily so grown up and the grandchildren look lovely too. How is the old man doing these days – I hope the heart is ticking away nicely as it should. I just came back from a 10 day adventure in Israel – attending a wedding in Jerusalem and catching up with friends….take care and stay well…x


    1. Oh really, Yola. You can’t have your cake and eat it, you know that! Sugar-free cake indeed….. I’ll tell you if I DO think of one, but don’t hold your breath. Mal fine, and all the better for a few DIY-less weeks. Yes, it would be good to meet. Meanwhile, we’ll keep in touch. x


  2. Great photos, many brought back happy memories. I agree about Newby Hall; a favourite haunt on Easter Sundays when we met up with my school chums and our growing families. We needed an outside venue whatever the weather as we peaked at 19. If you ever need privacy in the resaurant a vomitting breast feeding baby will clear it in seconds!


  3. Wonderful to see what you have been up to whilst we were away.All the photos made me smile and understand why we love coming home, perhaps next time I can bring Charlotte to see Emily. I may get around to posting some of our holiday snaps on face book soon. Love to you both. Catherine, Steve Charlotte and James. xx


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