Christmas markets

Christmas markets always used to be a German thing.  They still are, I think: they do sound rather special.  It’s many years now that Leeds has had its own German Christmas Market, though I’ve always wondered what would bring German stall holders across the channel to pitch their stalls.  Just as I’ve wondered what the attraction is for the hundreds and hundreds of French market traders who regularly fetch up in the UK for the popular French markets, where the prices are inevitably sky high.

But Christmas markets, where you can look for all your presents, made by local craftspeople and artisans, or in sweatshops in China are everywhere.  The difference is that in the UK, they began in November and are now largely over.  Here they’re just beginning, and will go on in some cases, like Toulouse, until after Christmas.

Here’s our stall, Découverte Terres Lointaines, at the market at Lavelanet, on today and tomorrow

6 thoughts on “Christmas markets”

  1. The German markets always shut down before Christmas. Many of them, including Frankfurt’s, have turned into what my father-in-law used to refer to as a collection of “Fressbuden” (food stalls). You have to pick and choose your Christmas markets to find ones where crafts still get a fair showing. Nevertheless, if you find a small town here with a nice market, it really hits the spot during the advent period.


  2. Hi Margaret
    The Leeds German Market is still going strong – but did you know there are now bouncers at the entrance to the Beer Keller?


  3. The best, and only, Christmas market I have ever been to was in the Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen but my memories might have been coloured by a large glass of hyperglug (mulled wine with a substntial shot of brandy)! A friend here in East Sussex recently went to the Christmas market in Munich on a day trip and said it wasn’t what it used to be when she lived there years ago; full of non handmade tat. Personally I’d be glad for any sort of a market at the moment as snow and ice have stopped everything.

    Happy Christmas.



    1. Aaaw! We all LOVED Tivoli Gardens when we went there in summer when the children were small. I can believe they’d do winter just as well.

      Yup. Winter has definitely stopped play at the moment, but hope you have a good Christmas anyway.


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