Rando commando: or….training for the TA?

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Yesterday, we randonneurs headed for the Aude, for a pleasant easy 18 km. walk round a man made lake, la Ganguise.  Not too much climbing, just open views across the lake itself, and to the Pyrénées beyond.  François pointed out that the lake got bigger some three years ago, when more land was flooded to increase its capacity.  Drowned footpaths had not yet been replaced, so we’d simply  be walking at the edge of the lake.  A healthy, but not too hearty day out.  Or so we thought……  Here’s our day, in pictures

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2 thoughts on “Rando commando: or….training for the TA?

  1. There’s never anybody about in Molleville! See that house with blue shutters, nearest the right hand edge of your picture? That’s where we lived. The lake was pretty unwalkable round even then, before it was extended (just after we moved here), but I’ve got fond memories of the lovely light, of long peaceful swims, and in particular of the frogs that yelled and hollered at each other through the nights of spring and early summer!


    1. Well, we saw (heard) no frogs. Wrong time of year, wrong time of day. Plenty of water birds, though, most of whom seemed to be airborne. But the light round the lake IS particularly gorgeous.


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