‘Do They Know it’s Christmastime At All…..?’

This blog is especially for my English readers.

 I suspect you can identify with one of the following:

 1. You’ve bought, written and probably sent your cards, the presents are organised, and wrapped and sent if they need posting.  Wrapping paper’s sorted, the food for the holiday’s under control


2. You’re in panic mode because you’ve only done some, or worse, none of the above.

 Consider this.

Mirepoix market, Monday December 7th.  I met an acquaintance, a young French guy.  I explained that I’d come, although it’s a market I don’t usually visit, to do some Christmas shopping, but I wasn’t being very lucky.  ‘Ooh, it’s a bit early yet’, he said.  ‘Don’t you think?  I expect there’ll be more stuff next week.’

 And he could be right.  The street decorations might be switched on in the evening too.  Just.

 It does seem a better way. I really appreciate visiting shops that not only fail to play Jingle-Bells-Dreaming-of-a-White-Christmas on a never-ending loop, but get through the day with no musak at all.  Energised by the lack of pre-Christmas stress, I’m actually looking forward to the festival.

 Love from a Grumpy Old Woman

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I'm retired and living in North Yorkshire, where I walk as often as I can, write, volunteer, and travel as often as I can.

2 thoughts on “‘Do They Know it’s Christmastime At All…..?’”

  1. I envy you as in dear old Blighty we have had the TV ads and canned music since the end of October – they don’t even let Halloween pass before bombarding us …………….so I really don’t know what you have to be grumpy about! Love from an even grumpier old womanxx oh and I am definitely in category 2.


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