Bother in Barcelona

Do you remember our last trip to Barcelona? How my bag, my purse and contents, my camera, our passports …. and all that. …. got stolen?

Well, ahead of this trip, I replaced my bag with one with a doughty zip and secret pockets. And off we went.

Our flight accomplished, we met Emily at her office after a couple of bus journeys. I opened my bag. Hang on. Where’s my purse? Someone – and we both think we know who: that amiable woman of middle years who stood near us on the Number 7 – unzipped my bag, removed my purse, and zipped the bag up again. Without either of us noticing a thing.

So guess who spent her first morning back here down at the Police Station practising her Spanish?

Catalan hospitality at its best

Today’s Ragtag prompt is . ….hospitality..