In which a fellow-blogger invites us to the Corrèze

Blogging has been an enriching experience for me.  It’s made me write, observe, record the moment with my camera.  It’s brought me a whole community of blogging ‘friends’ (you know who you are: I love the contact I have with you).  And some of those virtual friends have become real friends.  There’s Kathryn, who with her husband, has a holiday home in the village near where we lived in France: we’ve seen them both at home and away.  There’s Ros, who once contacted me to tell me she enjoyed my posts: she’s been a good friend for several years now.

And there’s Sharon.  She started to follow me when we moved to France, because it was her dream too.  We’ve returned to England.  She and Andrew moved to France just under a year ago, to Corrèze in the Limousin, but we’d already met a couple of times before this.  We followed their progress in their new life through their blog, and recently, she announced they needed help.  They had to go away for a week or so without their dog Mortimer. Dog sitter required.  We applied.  We got the job.  And here we are.

Corrèze has seduced us completely.  Here’s the view of the town from their garden.

Corrèze, as seen from Sharon and Andrew’s garden

I’ll want to share our discovery of this place, settled since the 9th century alongside the River Corrèze.  But for now, come with us on our walk with Mortimer on this misty moisty morning (it was 30 degrees yesterday – but that was yesterday) through the quiet countryside.  The conditions prevent my showing the gently rising and falling hillsides, thickly forested, with meadows between for the Limousin cattle, so important in the area’s economy.  But it’s lovely: relaxing and restorative. Corrèze and its history tomorrow!

This place is an oasis of peace and tranquility.  Let’s enter it into the RDP Daily Challenge: oasis.