Perfect patterns

It’s been a busy week, and I’ve a feeling I shan’t be blogging again before Christmas, but I just had to have a go at posting a few photos for Ann-Christine’s Lens-Artists Challenge this week : Perfect Patterns. I’m going to let the images speak for themselves this time. We’ll have two galleries: man-made patterns, every one of them from Spain …

And now the natural world, not one of them from Spain, or indeed from outside the UK:

Click on any image to get its label: and only a label this time: no stories, no history, no nothing. Sorry!

The featured image is a ceiling in the Palau de la Musica, Barcelona.

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I'm retired and living in North Yorkshire, where I walk as often as I can, write, volunteer, and travel as often as I can.

48 thoughts on “Perfect patterns”

  1. All beautiful, Margaret! And all perfect for the challenge. If I had to choose a favourite, it would be Northumbria for its colour harmony and patterns. Thank you for taking the time to join us!

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  2. A lovely selection, especially the architectural patterns. I’ve been enjoying your posts recently but haven’t been able to like or comment as wordpress no longer supports my laptop’s outdated browser. Serious updating needed in the new year but now I’ve found I can at least log in from my phone. If this is your last post before Christmas, I wish you a peaceful and happy time.

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    1. And I hope you have a good Christmas too. WP eh? I can’t get it to publish galleries on the phone, even though I’ve installed Jetpack. It’s a law unto itself …


  3. Beautiful images all of them. Have a wonderful Christmas Margaret, thank you for being my top and most loyal commenter on my blog, especially given my recent absence. Heartwarming to have your visits. 🙏🎄🕯️🥰

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  4. Oh yes, I am all for more perfect patterns and plenty of colours too. Great selection and so much more engaging than the minimal, grey trend we had a few years ago. As usual nature does it best and you captured it elegantly with the frosted webs and the vibrant green gorse (?). And, wishing you and your family a cheery red and green festive season (maybe with a sprinkle of the white stuff too). Agnes.

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  5. Thank you for a wonderful year of connection, Margaret. All the very best to you and your during this festive season. Looking forward to entering and into a fresh new year of possibilities and opportunities, together!


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