Ignore the rain and walk anyway

For her Walking Squares challenge, Becky is encouraging us to walk whatever the weather. On Thursday, I had no choice: I was on duty at Fountains Abbey. The rain was so vertical, so clamorously unrelenting that getting out camera or phone would have been foolish. Once I’d faced the fact that that I’d drawn the shortest of short straws, I quite enjoyed the ceaseless drumming of the water, dodging the puddles as they became rivers, and watching the water birds demonstrating by their surly inactivity that even they thought it was all A Bit Much.

Unexpectedly, a quarter of an hour before it was time to go, the rain stopped. The sky lightened, the puddles offered up reflections, and – thank goodness – I turned round, in time to see this rainbow. Probably just past its best, but at least I saw it.

Here are the final minutes of my afternoon.

For Becky’s #Walking Squares

and Debbie’s Six Word Saturday

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I'm retired and living in North Yorkshire, where I walk as often as I can, write, volunteer, and travel as often as I can.

58 thoughts on “Ignore the rain and walk anyway”

  1. what a heroine (even if you had no choice) and so glad you enjoyed it once you had accepted it – the rainbow was definitely your reward along (I hope) with some crumpets in front of the fire when you got home

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  2. I can’t say, I’m a big fan of walking in the rain, but seeing a rainbow is a lovely reward! It’s always nice to observe physics (refraction) play out in front of you.

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  3. I was going to ask Anabels’ question. Love that silhouette! I meant to try backwards walking this afternoon but I was too busy enjoying myself, and we had climbed a humungous hill this morning.

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  4. One nice thing about photography Margaret, is that no matter what there is always at least one good photo opportunity!! You might think I mean your rainbow, which is lovely, but my favorite of this set is a tie between the puddle and the structure silhouette. You definitely were rewarded for your commitment that day!

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  5. The treetops lit by the rainbow is almost worth all the rain. Only nine visitors, eek. I hope they were all as suitably attired as no doubt an experienced volunteer such as yourself was.

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