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Over the last few days, the number of WordPress blogs I follow on which I have been unable to comment has grown. I gather that some of you can’t comment on mine. Here is a very useful post by Karen of Booker Talk which sums up and deals with some of the issues. If you’re a WordPress blogger or follower, I urge you to read it and if you’re affected, to contact WordPress.

Alert: Blog Comments Blocked by WordPress Glitch

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43 thoughts on “WordPress Glitch”

  1. Good morning. It’s rare I am one of the first. You are six hours ahead of me and I am just beginning my day. Thank you for sharing the article and a new blogger, too. I have a self hosted blog but I am running WordPress software. Those electrons can be tricky! Enjoy the day.

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      1. It is; and especially that all seems well while one’s typing the comment and even clicking post. The first couple of times, it showed the comment posted as well, but after a bit, it had vanished into cyberspace.

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    1. I’ve just been talking to WP. It’s not by any means universal, but it is widespread. I don’t think there’s a vaccine against it …


  2. So annoying isn’t it. The interaction with other bloggers is what makes blogging worthwhile and fun – without the ability to comment we lose a large part of that


  3. I’ve had the error message too on a couple of blogs, but I often use the reader to comment especially on my phone, as quite often the WP app doesn’t recognise I am logged in. Not had a problem with your blog. So far…

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  4. Despite having learned their mantra ‘assume good intent’, I sometimes suspect a sneaky plot to force us all on to The Reader. Having said that, I do use it and click through to the ‘real’ blog if I want to search around on it. They keep making it harder and harder to click through but it still works if you click on the post title.

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