Summer Travel: it’s worth it in the end

This is turning into a Sunday Thing. Experimenting with different types of poetry. But with added photos. Always with added photos. This week, as my contribution to Tanka Tuesday‘s task – to write a 4-11 (the clue is in the name: 11 lines of 4 syllables each – last line repeats the first) I thought I’d focus on summer travel.

Summer travel

was always fun.

But now passport

control (Brexit!);

Covid control;

train strikes and queues;

airport queuing – 

make journeys long

and so irksome.

Worth it though – for

summer travel

And to prove that travel’s always worth it, here’s my photo gallery. There’s just one problem. Most of these photos were taken in January, in February, in March … you get the idea – any month but August …

… Should have travelled by elephant …?

Temple elephant, Thanjavur

PS – the header photo was taken at l’Albufera, near Valencia, Spain.

Author: margaret21

I'm retired and living in North Yorkshire, where I walk as often as I can, write, volunteer, and travel as often as I can.

56 thoughts on “Summer Travel: it’s worth it in the end”

  1. I ought to apply myself, with time on my hands waiting for my daughter to surface. Love the greenery of that Ariege shot, Margaret 🤗💗


  2. Well done with the poem, and lovely to see the travels…thanks for taking me back to Bamberg, must be 30 years since I was visiting a friend in Bavaria, and that was one of the places seen…

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  3. Fabulous photos of beautiful places. I’m August travelling this week but have decided to play it safe with a trip up the road. No passports, no strike issues and hopefully decent weather ( crosses fingers!)

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  4. All lovely captures but that header photo – magnifique! (With the snow in Ariège running a close second for me). Nice work on the poem. I must say it’s reassuring to see syllables counted the familiar way — in French it is very different!

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  5. I am enjoying your poetry. Please keep sharing. You certainly have traveled! The promise of summer travel is what makes a bad winter day seem better. Over here in America, the airlines and the roadwork have made summer travel difficult. But getting there makes it all worth it.

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    1. A different continent, the same travel problems. In fact, compared with many Europeans, I’m not well travelled. But you have a whole continent to explore without even needing a passport!


  6. I am so glad that this is turning into a Sunday Thing. You have capture the essence of travel today. We are heading to Montreal in September and I am already worried about it.

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  7. That photo gallery has really caused my itchy feet to flare up! So many places to see, so little time! But despite that I think I’ll avoid travelling at the height of summer 🤔

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  8. Enjoyed the gallery very much. Amazing — every corner of the world is a gem.
    I loved your 4-11 too. Lovely poetry form that you did very well. Thanks.
    Blessings xo


  9. I’ve gotten to travel a few times with my Hubby while he was working. Some travel in cooler months to warmer climes… Travel isn’t in the cards right now. But perhaps when things ease up?
    Thanks for your wonderful photos!!

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