Last on the Card: I couldn’t possibly comment …

We all trotted off to Harewood House yesterday. This must-visit stately home between Leeds and Harrogate is a little notorious these days because the enormous wealth and privilege it represents was built as a direct result of the slave trade. Designed by architects John Carr and Robert Adam, it was built, between 1759 and 1771, for Edwin Lascelles, 1st Baron Harewood, a wealthy West Indian plantation and slave-owner.

These days, the family does what it can to move on from these distasteful roots. I’ll probably write more later about a current exhibition there – Radical Acts: Why Craft Matters, which looks at a wide range of social justice and environmental issues. But I found my last photo of the month, taken there, irresistible. It’s perhaps not the sort of poster you’d normally find gracing a stately home?

For Brian (Bushboy)’s Last on the Card: July 2022. A chance to show our last photo of the month, however good, bad or indifferent.

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41 thoughts on “Last on the Card: I couldn’t possibly comment …”

  1. Well spotted Margaret with plenty of intrigue benefiting from context. So intriguing was wondering perhaps it was a gift from David Harewood to the Lascelles family.

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      1. I didn’t realise it was part of the exhibition, I thought you were saving that for a later post. I assumed they just had this it on a wall somewhere in the house!

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  2. Nice photo. If only we could apply the lessons we’ve learned (or should have) from the past to the present. What a wonderful world it would be.


  3. We have many such places here in South Carolina Margaret – as the last state in the US to give up on slavery. Dark times about which much has been revealed at last. Loved your image

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