Balkan Postcards 10: Portraits from Thessaloniki

We’ve had a tiring day, and each of us has a severe case of Museum Foot. It’s been fun and varied too. Perhaps I’ll share a portait or four.

This funerary portrait in the Archaeology Museum impressed me. Did this man, who could easily be The Chap Next Door, really live more than 200 years BCE?;
Here’s another figure from the past, Alexander the Great. He’s posing outside the White Tower, part of Thessaloniki’s defences since the Ottoman era.
Spotted on a wall in town. I don’t know any more about it.
I know how this cat feels. Might join her.

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19 thoughts on “Balkan Postcards 10: Portraits from Thessaloniki”

    1. We’re still having a great time. But Thessaloniki is a big, bustling and above all, hot city, so three full days will be enough. Lots of tales still to tell, of course! Xx

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  1. Sounds fab. But perhaps just as well your time here is relatively short. Hope with an opoortunity to recover from Museum Foot very soon.

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  2. Four wonderfully contrasting figures. The last made me smile as did the reference to Museum Foot. Don’t think that makes me unsympathetic – I may use that one!

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