Balkan postcards 7: Pastoral Prespa.

Balkans, farming, Wildlife

Today was a day of birdsong: of nightingales without end, of golden orioles and hoopoes. It was a day to watch bee-eaters, pelicans, grey herons, night herons flying over the lake. It was a day to watch sows idling away the morning under a shady tree, or goats commandeering the hillside. Or to see a wild tortoise lumbering across the path.

Birdsong in the woods

26 thoughts on “Balkan postcards 7: Pastoral Prespa.

  1. We had nightingales, dry river beds, water mills, a ruined castle and good company this morning. Lemon drizzle cake and feet up now for a while. Sounds like the perfect holiday for you 🤗🌺🌸💟

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  2. Not surprised you’re seeing hoopoes as apparently they thrive in less polluted environments. First bird and only bird (apart from domestic chickens) I remember from where I was born.

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