Love your Library: even if you’re only one-and-a-bit

When I was a child, I’m sure you couldn’t have a library ticket until you were five. There would have been no point anyway. The great age of the pre-school picture book illustrated by the likes of Quentin Blake, Chris Riddell and Emily Gravett hadn’t yet arrived. Until we were old enough to enjoy hearing about Winnie the Poo and Milly Molly Mandy there was nothing for very small children on the shelves.

These days, pre-schoolers are welcome. Parents are urged to enroll their babies. There are story times and sing-along sessions, jigsaws, bright paper, coloured pencils – and cheerful rugs to sit on. So one very rainy day while fourteen month old Anaïs was staying, off to the library we went.

Didn’t she have fun?

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42 thoughts on “Love your Library: even if you’re only one-and-a-bit”

  1. Wonderful. I spent so much time in the local library that I had free reign even in the back rooms. I think I had an obsession with a particular author and read all of their books. I remember the Dr Doolittle for one and when a bit older Ray Bradbury.

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  2. How lovely! Joining the library is always near the top of the to-do list when we land in a new area. They really are the heart beat of the community. I’m always guilty of borrowing more than I can realistically read and having to renew or return though!

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  3. You’re doing your library a favour. Borrowing figures are key to proving that the library is key to the community and must continue to be funded. Well done!


  4. It looks like a wonderful library, friendly and accommodating for kids. I like that libraries are used for events and other things than just books. In these days they have to keep up in order to attract new audiences and survive.

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  5. Anaïs will remember this moment Margaret, even if she is only one-and-a-bit. What a wonderful gift to give her – starting her reading journey before she can read. I am celebrating on my side of the world this special event.

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  6. Oh, I had books too, though not courtesy of the library, and not ones I could enjoy on my own much – so few pictures. Times have indeed changed.


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