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Travel Between the Pages …. You Couldn’t Make It Up is a blog that always produces interesting, thought provoking, or just plain amusing content, This post fascinated me by showing the way in which our world map is in a state of constant flux. As it may be again …

Travel Between The Pages

With the tragic news unfolding daily in Europe, it’s an appropriate time to take stock of how we got here. I’ve always found that maps can be an excellent way to help visualize geo-political conflicts. I recently discovered this simple, but elegant website that allows users to see exactly how borders have shifted over the decades.

Historic Borders colorfully helps to visualize the seemingly arbitrary nature of national borders and how politics and war have reshaped the world. The app features a basic world map topped by a timeline slider. Just click on a date to discover the national boundaries of that time.

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43 thoughts on “Historic Borders”

      1. Exactly! I was surprised how early in the timeline it was marked. But there seems to be a gap between that and the more recent info.
        Migration of people also played a major role.

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      1. I used to have one from the 1980s, but the one we have now is the 7th Concise edition reprinted in 1999. A shame I didn’t hang on to the older one as it would have been very different, but it is such a big book to keep carting around!


  1. I love maps. I still have a Times Atlas and we were looking at it recently. The early 20th century maps are very interesting. So much has changed. Not necessarily for the good.

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  2. Yes, maps and their changes are fascinating. I should think the Finns are pretty worried about the future. This horror all seems so 20th century, why can’t we learn and be better than this?

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  3. Most interesting to follow the changes on the map thanks. But it all looks so bloodless on the maps.
    I have seen in the comments that you have been isolating with Covid – I assume that this is both of you? So sorry that you have been suffering this but relieved that you say that you have not been terribly ill. I hope that you both feel recovered soon,

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    1. Yes, maps really can’t convey the human side of the story – but I suppose it’s a start. Yup, Covid it is, but do-able. It’s dragging on a bit though. Bored now ….

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      1. So sorry – I suppose its best to rest as much as possible while recovering rather than try to push yourself too soon. I hope that at least you are able to concentrate on a good book, even if only for short stretches at a time. Sending best wishes.

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  4. Very interesting, and out of date already for Crimea. So sad that we always have people who will do anything to increase their own power (or at least their view of their own power)

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