33 thoughts on “A Parking Place for the Odd Pug, Poodle or Pit Bull

      1. Thought you might understand – amazing the impact they have. 😀

        The two friends and their adult daughter left yesterday, and the family departs Sunday morning – goodness knows what state I will be in by then as think I’ll be on duty again for much of tomorrow whilst they pack.

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  1. Great odd share, Margaret. I can’t imagine my dog staying very quiet hooked to the wall. Talk about noise pollution! It also seems pretty weird to take your dog inside a restaurant. We have sometimes taken our little dog to a restaurant (or a store) where we sit outside, but not inside. People take their animals to Petco and places like that, too. I have a hard enough time taking an animal to the vet!

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  2. My younger daughter, who is a ‘cat lady’ has taken me to a couple. They’re ok, because they do what they say on the tin. But I’d sooner have my coffee in peace.


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