A Pair of Oddballs

This year, it’s not too early to go to the fantastic street carnival, Las Fallas, which takes place in Valencia in February and March every year. You’ll find fanciful figures, fireworks and fun. But if travelling’s still tricky, we can join this pair of oddballs on their motorbike, whom I found a few years ago in the museum devoted to this special festival.

For Becky’s Square Odds

With thanks to Sue of Words Visual, for reminding me about this doughty pair of old crones,

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I'm retired and living in North Yorkshire, where I walk as often as I can, write, volunteer, and travel as often as I can.

34 thoughts on “A Pair of Oddballs”

      1. No, me neither. Sounds a crazy event, so must try it sometime. I’ve been to La Mercè in Barcelona when Rachel was very young and always wanted to go back but it never fit with school holidays and now usually clashes with a longer trip somewhere else.

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  1. It sounds like great fun. I haven’t established yet which festivities are on this year. I know our Carnival processions are cancelled again. Maybe Spain will be bolder. I’m hoping for a normal Easter.

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  2. How exciting to visit the street carnival and with work like this you’ll have a fabulous time. The expressions of the two motorbike figures are terrific… one can start creating the story around it, what is ahead, is the lady on the back clutching a bible … enjoy the event, Margaret! 😀

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