An Odd Compendium of Beasts

Argentona’s parish church of Sant Julià dates from the 16th century. But every one of its ancient gargoyles has been recently replaced. Here’s an off-beat little bestiary:

I’d like to have offered part of an animal alphabet, but as you see, we’ve moved straight from Ass to Cockerel and Cricket without passing B. Far too odd.

For Becky’s Square Odds

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42 thoughts on “An Odd Compendium of Beasts”

  1. how how wonderful they have added new ones, but as you say very odd they missed b but then gargoyles are odd. I see Sue has also shared a gargoyle today 🙂

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  2. Looking at the condition of the church, I imagine the originals were past their sell-by date. I’ve not been able to find out though. Nor have I seen the inside of the church. It was busy with weddings.


  3. Gargoyles are fabulously odd. Perhaps the replacement set have more recent, local references, recent local bigwigs or similar. They are an opportunity to have a little fun.

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    1. Oh yes! I’d love to know whether there are any allusions that make the locals snicker. Now, who and how would you put on a set of gargoyles round the Houses of Parliament?

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      1. Think that might be alternating Johnsons and Sunaks featuring tiny Cumminses (bit of a Gollum already) squeezed in between with the Johnson ones looking incandescent and the Sunak ones smirking.

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      2. You know I did think about him, but he is as you say so much the part already that I couldn’t see how a sculptor could improve on the already self-satisfied, repugnant visage.

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