Liverpool in Technicolor

A kaleidoscope of colour. That’s what Jude wants this month for her Life in Colour challenge. So we’ll go for a trip to Liverpool and see what we can find.

We’ll catch a bus first. It’s raining of course. Here’s the view from the window.

We pass the Cathedral of Christ the King: here are a couple of views of the interior, and one glancing out of one of the windows.

And, ooh look! Some street art.

We’re really heading for Albert Dock, however…

… where we go into Tate Liverpool, and find …

It’ll be dark soon – time to bid the Albert Dock ‘goodbye’.

And now night has fallen, and we’re in Chinatown. We’ll find somewhere to enjoy a Chinese meal together, as soon as we’ve walked under this arch.

Author: margaret21

I'm retired and living in North Yorkshire, where I walk as often as I can, write, volunteer, and travel as often as I can.

42 thoughts on “Liverpool in Technicolor”

  1. I’m impressed by your ability to observe objects/views etc thst meet the brief. Observation is one of the skills I remember being on the art degree course my husband did, one of their first assignments was to do a observation exercise where they had to look for letter shapes in nature or found objects. Like the shape of a letter formed by cracks in a pavement or the shadow of a railing.

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  2. The perfect place for a colourful walk. You’ve triggered nostalgia for a great city. I saw some things I’m familiar with and some I am not (Virgin of the Rags?)

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  3. You do have great observational skills and a way of weaving a story through your photography which is most enjoyable. I always feel as though I am with you on your explorations. Liverpool is way more colourful than I would have imagined! That floor though would probably have me keeling over! Thanks Margaret 😊

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  4. Ah, I nearly ‘did’ Liverpool for this theme, at least the cathedral of Christ the King! But then I realised most of my photos of the stained glass were the same colour (red) so didn’t really fit the brief. But that floor in the Tate is absolutely perfect 😀 We didn’t go in there on our brief visit last summer but we did do the Razzle Dazzle ferry! Thanks for the good memories from that trip and the inspiration to go back again some time!

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  5. I agree with Bookertalk above. You amaze me with your finds. I suppose color is everywhere and when you see it, you know it. I am always amazed at how close places are in England. I suppose you are relatively close to Liverpool and can get there and back in a day. I have to admit, I did look it up. Stay safe and well. Peace.

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  6. That’s a great colourful tour. I’ve seen many photos of the outside of the Cathedral of Christ the King, but never the inside. Very, very interesting the blue glass framing.

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