It’s all about the light

Tina’s asked us to consider light, in Lens-Artists’ Challenge #162. I decided I could do worse than wander about our own home patch, and go for a stroll that lasted from early morning to evening, from summer to a snowy day and watch how the light changes as the day wears on.

I got into the habit, during lockdown, of getting up bright and early to watch the sun rise. Here it is, over the River Ure.

And here we are, never more than ten minutes away from home, in the morning, at noon, and at sunset.

The last two are taken, firstly on one bright morning when there’d been so much rain the fields had flooded, and then later, one evening just as the sun had set.

Author: margaret21

I'm retired and living in North Yorkshire, where I walk as often as I can, write, volunteer, and travel as often as I can.

56 thoughts on “It’s all about the light”

  1. You have covered the whole palette, Margaret! Wonderful idea and so well captured. I love your cloud formations and the snow /of course) – and the beauty of the area you live in. You never get tired of it I am sure!

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      1. Don’t tell me that! Or maybe it’s good that you have – I’ll add a few thicker tops! Yes, I thought of you, but this is a gathering of the family. Next time, hopefully!

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      1. Hello again, Margaret. Thanks for the follow. As to your recent visit to my neck of the woods, I feel I need to reciprocate by venturing to your homeland. I know it’s a lovely county too 🙂


  2. Lovely atmospheric photos. We really do need to book a holiday in Yorkshire next year. I’m thinking two centre bases, one in or near the Dales and one more to the east of the county. Kirkby Longsdale so we can pop into the Lake District and possibly Helmsley / Pickering. Unless you have any suggestions?


  3. The choiciest choice of goodness is assembled here. You know which one speaks the loudest to me? The one with the poor fields flooded as even in this dire situation Yorkshire looks stunning.
    I so remember also our drives through Devon to Tiverton over B or possibly C roads and often through water on those streets…. And then, a few days later it was all green and blooming again (mostly). God must love you to let you live in such a glorious land.

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