More Window Shopping – South Korean Style

Last Monday in South Korea we went shopping for string, elastic bands and spam – oh, and books.. Today we’ll go instead to one of the large shopping centres – Shinsegae in Seoul maybe (where I was astonished to find a branch of Waitrose) or Lotte Trevi (yes really) in Busan. We could spend the day there, strolling around the sleek and elegant displays. Maybe we’ll stay for lunch in the food hall, and choose from the many outlets featuring foods from around the world, though particularly from the Far East. Out of town shopping centres like these are popular, as in Europe, but the average city shopping street is busy from morning till late into the evening too, with young people toting large carrier bags full of new clothes . ‘Shop till you drop’ seems to be the motto.

Spotted through the large windows of the shopping centre, this version of the Trevi Fountain – minus water – doesn’t have the same vibe as the original in Rome.

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Monday Window.

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22 thoughts on “More Window Shopping – South Korean Style”

  1. Goodness it looks just like my local Westfield (maybe it’s built by them?) except that it has lower ceilings – maybe because Korean people are shorter, or were shorter, though maybe not young people now. Those in the photographs stand in exactly the same way as their western counterparts here when looking to see and be seen. Do you know what’s in the yellow pies/tartlets?


    1. They are very delicious little tarts filled with something like lemon curd. Not a bit Korean! Yes, it could indeed be anywhere. Though cleaner and smarter.


  2. Thanks for taking us along on this shopping trip. At I didn’t have to part with any money. Great windows! Wonderful way to see the world! Thank you!


  3. I’ve fallen behind with responses, up to my eyes in a very odd election campaign. À propos Korean “aunties” I noticed the same phenomenon in Italy. There is something about Waitrose and the Far East – in Malaysia the Cold Storage supermarket chain sold mainly Waitrose products. The Tesco near to the family in Penang was on 5 floors and less than half of one of them was groceries. It was however where I was able to buy a white hijab as requested by our dry cleaner here, in Battle. I was even successful haggling.


  4. I haven’t been to a shopping mall in goodness knows how long, but after being cooped up at home for the last year even I would welcome some window shopping. And I don’t even ‘do’ shopping!

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  5. The Trevi shouted Las Vegas to me, rather than Rome. I didn’t see this place when I was over there but Watsons is more familiar. Though I may be getting muddles with Hong Kong. Anyway, I can see you enjoyed your shopping!

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