Monday Window, Monday Washing

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This time two years ago, we were in Barcelona. One of our ports of call was the first house Antoni Gaudí ever designed, Casa Vicens. Once a spacious site beyond the city limits, it’s now squashed into narrow city streets, some of its garden space sold off. But it’s definitely worth a visit, and you can have a virtual look round here.

What the official site won’t show you is the views from the windows, and one thing I enjoyed, as I always do, was the sight of the Monday washing drying on the balconies of nearby flats.

Monday Window

Monday Washing Lines

69 thoughts on “Monday Window, Monday Washing

  1. I have dozens of similar pics from our hotel rooms in Lisbon….. and ditto from our travels in France’s countryside, narrow alleys in charming villages in both France and Italy – and even a collection of frozen washing in the garden of a quaint B&B in Switzerland. We have ballooning huge bloomers and all colours of the palette BLUE on dozens of jeans fluttering in the breeze of foreign countries – always charming.

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  2. Look what Andrew’s started now! It’s a bit like the conversations we used to have over the fence while pegging out. 🙂 🙂 Love the shots and thanks very much for the Gaudi link, Margaret.

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      1. I don’t feel I have the time for that luxury. Still have so much of Portugal to see before I even think abroad, and that was the plan for this year pre-Covid. 🤔💕


      1. Yes – thank goodness. Just read a review of Don de Lillo’s new book about silence…what if the pandemic was just a starter, and all screens went silent… No, let’s not even think about it!


  3. I love photos of washing on the line! ❤ A somehow poectic view of the beauty of commonness!

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