Upbeat stripes and checks

Blogging challenges

Let’s have a bit of fun with stripes. Trawling through my archives, I’ve turned up images of wandering stripes at art galleries, at a road junction and at, of all things, a sheep fair.

That featured image at the top of the post shows the shadows of legs wandering round the Masham Sheep Fair.

Now let’s check up on checks. Just the one image this time, from the Museo Fallero in Valencia: a couple of figures from the annual Fallas Festival parades in the city. Those two look quite upset.

Lens-Artists Challenge #132: Striped and checked

Square Up

If after all these Squares you’re hungry for some fresh air, why not go with Frank for a Beach Walk? He’ll take you along with him twice a week, reflecting on what he sees and experiences: sand, shells, surf – it’s all there. Today it’s Storms, and I managed to find some stormy photos for him which he’s included. His thoughts are refreshing and wide-ranging: just the thing on a January morning.

60 thoughts on “Upbeat stripes and checks

  1. That floor at the Tate is great! Makes your eyes go all funny πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ Frank is tearing up a storm with his beach walks, isn’t he? I’ll pop over and see your collab soon!

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  2. I don’t do the challenge from Lens Artist but most of bloggers in my follow list seem to and I must say that all those stripes and checks are doing my eyes in! you have very nice collection here, too!

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  3. Great shots – love the legs at the Masham sheep fair (although I wouldn’t have guessed what they were – but that’s part of the fun!) And I always find Baltic great for photos – if not the exhibits then the people visiting or the building itself πŸ™‚

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  4. That colourful floor is amazing, love it. Margaret, you have certainly come up with a great collection of “up” photos. I have been unfortunately waylaid hopefully next week will be slower.

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  5. These are extraordinary finds, Margaret! That floor is making me dizzy, and I LOVE your opener from the sheep fair! Good eyes finding the tracks, and the checks – what can I say? Priceless facial expressions. had to go back for more looks…

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